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About Us

Ballistics & Bling is a Christian, family owned and operated business. Nestled high above the Colorado National Monument and the Rocky Mountains, our 90 acre ranch is surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and big game. Together, with our 5 children, we teach our kids about the old days and honor. We teach them what it means to provide for yourself and your family;¬† by living closer to nature and GOD. And yes, we manage to fit time in for our love of firearms. That’s why we created this web-site. With the goal to make and design Custom, high quality and above all, affordable products that ALL women would be proud to own, (and men will LOVE them too!)

Since way back in history, maybe even since Billy The Kid, Doc Holiday and Annie Oakley, guns have run in our family bloodline. Yeah, that’s right, I mentioned a woman for her shooting sports against some of our great legends. This page was designed primarily for women, to assist in their firearms¬† & accessory needs. Unlike men, who could really care less if it’s pretty or not, just as long as it does what it needs to do by the days end. Us girls, on the other hand, want original, Blinged out and functional. They also want to be taken seriously when it comes to who they are, and want their firearms to be a reflection of them. Think about it, if you show someone your firearm, (One that has been designed for you, or by you) they will see first hand the commitment you have towards that weapon and its operation. It’s one thing when your husband goes out and buys a gun for you, it’s a whole different thing when your firearm is custom, nicer than his, and picked out by you. Women who love their guns and enjoy using them, are women who are making a strong statement by not only protecting their 2nd amendment right but also exercising their GOD given right to protect themselves and their family. More women need to be better outfitted for any situation they may encounter. I hope that this web-page does just that. Designed by a woman for a woman. All firearms are custom engraved by my husband and sold under our FFL. We are a full service FFL dealer.